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New Cheat Baseball Heroes with Cheat Engine

At this time, Admin will share New Update Cheat Baseball Heroes Update 12 September Work. Immediate download this cheat while they work 100%. Tested by Admin.

Feature Cheat Baseball Heroes September 2013:

  • Bypass (must Enable)
  • No absorb combo (after get max combo you can't be lost max combo for the next game except you refresh the game)
  • +1 Max combo (Get Max Combo just after get 1 Point Combo)
  • Auto Swing (New Feature: Hitting Himself)

Tools of Baseball Heroes Cheat Hack this time was just using Cheat Engine and also a file format Cheat Engine.

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Those who do not have Cheat Engine please go to the page Download Cheat Engine

Tutorial Cheat Baseball Heroes with Cheat Engine:

  • Open Cheat Engine (the latest version is better)  
  • Now open your Heroes Baseball Game  
  • Click the computer image on the upper left of cheat engine (open process)
  • Then select the image browser you are using. For example, Mozilla Firefox Plugin-Container please, if that Google Chrome can select which ones to use. So it would be easier if you use Mozilla.  
  • Open file that you just downloaded  
  • Checklist / check all the parts of addresses, but you must REMEMBER you must checklist when loading is 60% - 80%  
  • Happy Cheating

Tips: To keep a check error better at loading 100% fit or has entered into the stage of you.

Download Cheat Home Run Baseball Heroes 12 September 2013

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